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Golden Globes Best Dressed

Alright so I’ll admit it, I didn’t actually watch the Golden Globes this year. Barely seeing any of the movies and performances nominated, I didn’t feel right cheering anything on. However, I did take the time to scour website after website browsing the wonderful outfits that paraded down the red carpet. Check them out after the jump!

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Fashion Runway

S/S ’16 Trend Round Up – Part 1

Phew, what an exhausting month. Granted I only sat on my couch and stared at countless numbers of images and hundreds of videos and waited patiently for live streams to start, but it still was exhausting. Now that we have an idea of what we’re going to see in stores come spring, I can tell you some of the trends that you’re going to want to keep an eye out for.

The Slip Dress

slip1   slip2   slip3

Givenchy, Calvin Klein Collection, & Chloe

Right off the back there was no escaping this one. It was one of those trends that makes you curious to know if every major fashion designer in the world is in a giant group text going ‘Lets all do slip dresses this season!’. While I’m 99% sure that’s not the case, I can’t help but wonder. Be prepared to see this dress everywhere. Don’t try to avoid it because you’re not going too. Instead, embrace its versatility and buy it in every color.

A New Take on Tie Dye

tiedye1   tiedye2   tiedye3

Chloe, Louis Vuitton, & Altuzarra

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of tie dye. However, these reinterpretations of the DIY classic are pretty enough to make me think twice. The Chloe dress is absolutely dreamy and I’m half tempted to go out a buy a thrift leather jacket and spray paint it Louis Vuitton style.


ruffles1   ruffles2   ruffles3

Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, & Gucci

They’re fun, they’re frilly, they’re all together super girly, and we can’t get enough of them. You’ll find them on the hems of skirts and dresses, and even wrapped around your neck on a chintzy little collar. Go ahead, go crazy.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Spring Summer Trends!

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Fashion MFW Runway

Versace SS16

The Versace woman is off to war. She’s an animal, a primal monster of sorts. She’s full of confidence, on both the inside and out. Donatella Versace made that very clear on her runway today. The opening look featured a leggy Raquel Zimmermann in an olive green coat dress kept shut with a striped webbed belt, balancing atop military-esque platform booties. The look was rough and hard and the impeccable tailoring was nothing short of fierce and sexy.

The rest of the collection wasn’t shy of that caliber either. There were boxy uniform style coats and jackets overtop barely there bandeau tops and short shorts. Wide legged pants made an appearance, made out of camo-jaguar silks with matching jackets and pullovers. The collection even had flat slide shoes and sandals (who knew Donatella even knew such a shoe existed!). For those who still seek out the over-the-top sexy Versace we’re so accustomed too, there were barely there silk and lace dresses, with slits well above the thigh to fulfill your need.

I’ll admit it though, I’m not a huge fan of camouflage prints on clothing, especially of such a high fashion show, but what I saw today was almost refreshing to see them used in such a way. They played with the color pallet, playing with bright neon purples, lime greens, and muted yellows. This collection should help sales as well, as many of the pieces of the collection seemed appropriate for every day use. I love a super sexy body hugging dress as much as the next person, but you find your true customer base with the wide-legged pants and blazers. Whatever the inspiration was that brought Donatella to this collection (probably one of the best of her career), we applaud her.

Check out images from the show after the jump.

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Fashion MFW Runway

Prada SS16

It was a new take on the classics at Prada this season. In full on Prada style, Miuccia presented a neo-retro collection worthy of all generations. Coats and skirts were spliced together with varying stripes of fabrics and textures, color patterns worthy of a 70s Vogue cover. There was also tweed sets, overlaid with sheer panels, adding depth and youthful playfulness to an often aged outfit. Angora style sleeveless sweaters were tucked into skirts, even hidden underneath sheer boxy dresses adorned with gems. The lines were precise, almost surgical. Coats flowed into skirts, lengthening the body.

There was no lack of Prada exuberance that’s for sure. As the collection neared the end, the fabrics seemed to hit the wallets harder. What was previously seen in leather suddenly was shown in fur. The coats lengthened, metallic snakeskin filling in the spots. The jewels and gems, intricately fused into flowers, covered the jacket and suit set of the last two looks, ending on a high note.

The accessories were perhaps the only element lacking pure sophistication on the runway. The earrings were large ballooned spheres, almost like something you would purchase in your local party store for your next soiree. Models shoulders were covered in netting, cuffed up high around the neck. The shoes and bags followed the same similar styling of the garments themselves, color-blocked and striped versions of iconic Prada styles. But don’t worry, they were so new in vibe that even the most tenured of Prada clientele will be clamoring to add them to their collection.

Check out images from the show after the jump.

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Fashion MFW Runway

Fendi SS16

Is fresh the world that I would use for this collection? I’m not entirely sure that’s the correct word to use, but it kept popping into my mind the more that I looked at it. The silhouettes we’ve seen before, the cutouts were nothing new, how many ways can you re-invent shorts? However everything seemed, as I said earlier, fresh. In such a deeply rooted house, with access to the finest fabrics and supplies that you could barely dream of, it’s no surprise they can be crafty with their money.

They played around greatly with their leather and furs, something they are known greatly for. Strips were weaved together, like a basket. They formed a coral colored skirt with with weaving, even a formal fur coat got the treatment. Although it diminishes the practicality of the coat, it just might be good enough for a chilly spring evening. Whip stitches were prominent throughout the collection as well. Oversized pockets were stitched on with even more oversized whip stitches. In a fetishistic sense, leather harnesses were kept together with the stitches, hovering over short mini dresses. What perhaps was the most impressive and most glamorous styling, was the oversized blouses tucked into ultra tight waistbands. The fabric, even leather, was manipulated into folds and puffed in glorious volumes.

The accessories were nothing to scoff at either. They were perhaps the true catch of the show, and should prove as much when they hit stores. The heels were slick, leather sandals with cutouts and color blocked strips. Some even came with flowers cut from fur and encrusted with gems. The handbags featured these flowers as well, lining the shoulder straps. Some of the bags even had a giant A woven into the multi-colored weaving. Should we expect customizable bags come spring? Either way, they’re sure to be a hit.

Check out images from the show after the jump.

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Fashion MFW Runway

Gucci SS16

The days of overtly sexual Gucci are long gone. Well, at least as long as Alessandro Michele has his say about it. For now, Gucci is a mythical, exceedingly romantic world. I’ve seen his past collection, similar in style to this one, criticized for its old-worldly personality, called grandmother chic. Perhaps in this world over over-sexualization, it’s exactly what we need. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good thigh-high slit and peek-a-boo cutouts as much as the next person, but it’s a refreshing and needed change of pace.

The collection was a little bit crazy, with just a hint of whimsy. Ruffles adorned cuffs, collars, and hems, and we even saw embroidery made to fool the eye into ruffles that weren’t actually there. Michele made use of an archive of vintage fabrics, with prints so radical and profound it took minutes of purveying to fully take in the scene. The use of embroidery is what really stole the show. Gowns were covered from head to toe in magnificent tropical scenes. Pineapples, koi fish, lily pads, and parrots were just a few of the options you’ll find this spring when you step into a Gucci store. It was a playful and fun scene.

Don’t forget about the accessories as well, the true money makers in the fashion world today. Models pushed over-sized glass frames adorned with rhinestones up their bridges, while clutching onto heritage style handbags, knuckles covered in excessive amounts of costume jewels. We saw a re-interpretation of the must have fur lined slide from the last season, as well the introduction of a platform sandal. Blouses were bound at the neck with scarves and playful, almost comic sized ties embroidered with cutesy fruits and jeweled bugs.

With the claims of increased sales and revenue over Micheles inaugural collection with the company, it seems that they will have another hit when this collection hits store floors. While the obviously sexy Gucci is of the past, this style is sexy in its own way. I know that I’m personally already coveting many pieces from this show, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Check out images from the show after the jump.

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Fashion LFW Runway

Burberry Prorsum SS16

The mood was dark and romantic at the Burberry Prorsum show today, certain to appeal to the punk-rock in all of us. The opening look, an all lace minidress and flapping trench coat, all black, started the tone of the show. The shoes, flats with chain details, were reminiscent of the shoes we saw at Alexander Wang in New York. In a nice change of pace, that was one of the few trench coats that we saw on the runway. Instead designer Christopher Bailey opted for shorter jacket options, including toggle coats and a black leather motorcycle jacket with gold hardware and piping. Following trends that we saw across the pond in NYC, the outfits were light and sheer. Tops and dresses were made with thin lace and sheer silks, and a silky slip dress even made an appearance, something no house has been short of. On the back of some of the models were monogrammed backpacks, which also made an appearance on the lap of Cara Delevingne, sitting front row at the show. If these backpacks follow the trend of the monogrammed ponchos made famous by the brand, we’ll be seeing these backpacks all over the streets in no time.

Check out pics from the show after the jump!

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Fashion NYFW Runway

Marc Jacobs SS16

It was as festive as a fourth of July parade! At the loss of his normal viewing space, Marc Jacobs took the opportunity to turn this into a one-of-a-kind spectacle. Red carpets were lined up outside the Ziegfeld theatre, bevies of fashion enthusiasts lining the velvet ropes waiting to capture the show before them. It was a show that only Jacobs himself could put on.

It was American the bold, the brash, and the glamourous. The influences were endless. Band jackets and sweaters were adorned with sequins, flashing by in electric red, blues, and golds. The slits were higher, high enough to render gold lame booty shorts a necessity. The film inspired setting allowed the prints to literally scream at you, with pop-art renderings of Janet Leigh in Psycho adorning coats, skirts, and everything in between. There was never a shortage of glamour extreme. Ruffles and feathers were everywhere, and the sequin embroidery was so intensely present, it would take us a year of examining garments to compile an adequate list of everything we saw. Out favorite look of the show, granted it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to one outfit, was a red gown, with thin straps that sat precariously on the edge of the models shoulders, cut low on the chest, with intricate embroidery so perfectly designed, it could make the thinest of hips look even thinner.

I wish that I could give this collection the full praise that it deserves, but alas I am one person. The intricacy, the originality, and the decadence was just too much for a single mind to comprehend. I can tell you one thing though. This one was for the books, one to study, one to celebrate. Check out images from the show after the jump!

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Calvin Klein Collection SS16

Francisco Costa dug into the 90’s archive for this stunning collection. The brand is famous for it’s slip dresses, made famous by Kate Moss while she as in the prime of her heroin-chic party girl days. The slip dresses that were presented today were of a new design. The dresses drooped lower, playing with proportions, and we’re often deconstructed with straps flopping along the models shoulders. Knit tops seemed to disintegrate into the hem while sitting overtop of silky wide-legged pants that also were frayed at the bottom. In a surprising change of pace, we were also presented with a flower pattern, steering away from Costas normal abandonment of printed fabrics. The psychedelic flowers plastered dresses, coats, and even made there was onto handbags clutched in the models hands. My personal favorites were the slip dresses that closed out the show. Draped in thin silver chains, the dresses formless shape all of a sudden accented the models figure. A perfect way to accessorize and give a simple, but elegant dress, just a little bit of edge. Check out images of the show after the jump.

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