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A Vogue Fantasy

As I flip my way through the crisp pages of a new magazine, I always hope for one thing. I wan’t to be transported. I want my mind to wander so far that the rest of the world melts around me. Isn’t the world of fashion a giant artistic canvas? Some of those most artistic minds of the world spend years of their lives sketching our fantasies and see them sewn into life. Coats so luxurious we wan’t to fall asleep in them. Patterns and prints so obnoxious we can’t help but laugh at their whimsy.

Then those artists pass off their creation to inspire others, and that’s when the fairy tale gets very interesting. Now editors, photographers, other dreamers, get to mold and fuse the art into their own giant canvas. I often get sad when I read about the fact that the print industry is slowly dying away. There’s something magical about seeing an image on a glossy sheet of paper that changes the way you view something. In this ever growing world of online presence through social media and blogging, people are getting their hands on images and inspiration faster than ever. But every once and a while, you need to sit down and take the world in around you, even if its sitting in your lap in print.

In the September 2015 issue of Vogue, I found some guiding beauty and inspiration in one of their editorials. It’s one of those stories that forces you to stop and take in all the beauty. I sat staring at every single page and pictured myself living in this glorious fairy tale world (and with glamorous clothes like that, who else wouldn’t either). Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Raquel Zimmermann is transported into a world straight out of a child’s bedtime story. So sit back and enjoy the pictures, enjoy the inspiration, and if I’ve gotten any point across, pick up a copy of the magazine and enjoy the glossy print on paper and off the screen. Spend some time flipping through pages. You never know when inspiration will strike you next.

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